The Laboratory of Electroacoustics and TV Systems has the necessary modern equipment for conducting the research project and all of the relative services. The lab is equiped with instruments for electroacoustic and acoustic measurements, while the process of standardizing with standard ISO is in progress.
A fully equipped recording studio, five fully equipped television suites and complete system of sound and video recording are also housed in the laboratory within the campus.

The studio has digital units and software that enable automated postproduction processes. It covers the entire range of requirements of the global music industry, ranging from multi-channel analog recordings, featuring modern processing units of recorded material and finally modern multi-channel digital recording and playback systems of all the standards, linear and nonlinear, that exist on the market.

In the field of television, the laboratory incorporates fully equipped montage suites (linear and nonlinear) covering all the international standards. The lab also includes a range of professional cameras (analog and digital) that cover all of the above system standards, including HDTV, with all accessories (an effort of the collaboration of the Laboratory with the European project Eureka 95, Action Plan, Information Society, 3rd CSF - 'Transmission of high definition audiovisual content in real time over broadband internet).

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