The Lab of Electroacoustics was established in 1976 by Prof. George Papanikolaou, as a branch of Telecommunications Sector at the Polytechnic School (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - A.U.Th.).In 1985 the lab started sharing its activities with the newly established School of Musical Studies (Faculty of Fine Arts - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), in order to support all educational courses on Musical Acoustics, Music Technology and Computer Music. Finally, in 1991 the third partner, School of Journalism and Mass Media (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), joined the lab's community.

Today the Lab of Electroacoustics, Music Technology and Television Systems is supported by all the above university departments and it forms a multi-disciplinary environment where electrical engineers, musicians and journalists work together using high-end technology, both as a production medium and as a research tool. The lab also participates to the Program of Psychoacoustics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is a multi-disciplinary academic department consortium that supports research projects on Psychoacoustics and Music Cognition. Furthermore, it supports two inter-departmental PSPs "Teaching Modern Greek as a mother and as a second / foreign language," "Protection, preservation and restoration of cultural monuments."
Since 2002, Mr. Papanikolaou has been responsible for the C-direction of  Inter-university Inter-departmental Postgraduate Programme of Department of Electrical Engineering with the title:Technologies of Sound and image in Education and Production.

In recent years, the Laboratory of Electroacoustics has worked with various organizations providing services such as recording and editing audio signals, noise emission measurements (industries, airports, etc.), noise reduction, reconstruction of audio signals to provide useful - hardly identifiable information (airline black boxes accidents) and improving old records and helping in the rescue of archival material, studies to encounter the noise and improve working conditions, Electroacoustic and acoustic projects. It has also provided the know-how in private and public organizations for new technologies in sound and picture.

Special mention should be made in recording applications, processing and reproducing sound and image in order to ensure quality audiovisual works and the development of products such as CDs (music and multimedia), documentaries, TV shows, movies and DVD-Video using modern technologies.