Today, the lab serves educational needs of three departments (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Music Studies, School of Journalism and Mass Media). At the same time, it serves needs in the operation of inter-departmental PSP "Linguistic Communication and Modern Greek as a second / foreign language", "Protection, preservation and restoration of cultural monuments". In addition, the laboratory participated in the educational programs EPEAEK I, with the object of e-Learning, training teachers, creation of an electronic node in Greek Language Center.

Since 2002, Mr. Papanikolaou has been responsible for the C-direction of Inter-university Inter-departmental Postgraduate Programme of the Department of Electrical Engineering with the title:"Technologies of Sound and image in Education and Production".

Finally, the lab has been participating in a project funded by the European Union under the IST program in collaboration with the Open University Brussels Europace 2000 and European universities Coibra forum with the intention a framework for an open university for continuing and lifelong education in Europe to be established.